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Essential Oils

We carry a range of more than 500 natural essential oils and absolutes and can also offer folded and terpeneless oils, pharma grade oils compliant to the BP/EP monographs, standardized blends, wild crafted oils plus synergistic blends selected for therapeutic values (invigorating, relaxing, sensual etc.).


We also offer an ever increasing range of Organic Oils. We invite your enquiries for these and indeed other products that may not be listed.


We are able to supply exact requirements when required but typical standard pack sizes are 500g 1Kg, 5Kg, 25kg and 180-200kg.


* Denotes Organic Version Available




Almond Bitter

Amber Crude

Amber Oil N.I.

Ambrette Seed Oil


Angelica Root*

Aniseed Oil True

Anise Oil China Star

Balsam Copaiba

Balsam Gurjun

Balsam Peru

Balsam Tolu

Basil Oil (Methyl Chavicol)*

Basil Oil Sweet (Linalool)*

Basil Oil Holy

Bay Laurel Oil

Bay Oil West Indian

BenzoinPourable (dilutions)

Bergamot FCF*

Bergamot Oil*

Birch Oil Sweet

Black Pepper Oil*

Blood Orange Oil*

Blue Cypress Oil

Cade Oil Crude

Cade Oil Rectified

Cajaput Oil

Camphor Oil

Cananga Oil

Cape May Oil


Cardamom Oil*

Carrot Seed Oil*

Cassia Oil

Catnip Oil

Cedawood Oil Atlas*

Cedarwood Oil Chinese

Cedarwood Oil Himalayan

Cedarwood Oil Texas

Cedarwood Oil Virginian

Celery Seed Oil

Chamomile Blue*

Chamomile Maroc

Chamomile Roman*

Cinnamon Oil Bark*

Cinnamon Oil Leaf*

Citratum (Lemon Tea Tree) Oil*

Citronella Oil*

Clary Sage Oil*

Clove Bud. Oil*

Clove Leaf Oil*

Coriander Oil Russian*

Cornmint Oil *

Cumin Seed Oil

Cypress Oil*

Davana Oil

Dill Herb Oil*

Dill Seed Oil*

Elemi Oil

Eucalyptus Oil Citriodora*

Eucalyptus Oil Dives

Eucalyptus Oil Globulus*

Eucalyptus Oil Radiata*

Eucalyptus Oil Smithii*

Eucalyptus Oil Stageriana

Fennel Oil Sweet*

Fir Needle Oil*


Frangipani Absolute

Hyacinth Absolute

Immortelle Absolute

Orris Absolute

Jasmin Sambac Absolute

Labdanum Absolute

Lotus Absolute WHITE

Lotus Absolute PINK

Lotus Absolute BLUE

Linden Blossom Absolute

Marigold Absolute

Oakmoss Absolute

Frankincense Oil (Olibanum)*

Galangal Root Oil

Galbanum Oil

Garden Mint Oil Blend

Garlic Oil

Geranium Oil Bourbon*

Geranium Oil Chinese

Geranium Oil Egyptian*

Ginger Lily Oil (Hedychium)

Ginger Oil*

Gingergrass Oil*

Grapefruit Oil White

Guaiacwood Oil

Hay Oil

Helichrysum Oil*

Honey Myrtle Oil

Hop Oil

Ho-wood Oil

Hyssop Oil*

Juniperberry Oil*

Juniperwood Oil

Kanuka Oil

Katafray Oil*

Kunzea OilLabdanum Oil

Lavandin Abrialis*

Lavandin Grosso*

Lavandin Sumian

Lavandin Super*

Lavender Oil 40/42*

Lavender Oil BP / EP

Lavender Alps 50/52

Lavender Oil Croatian

Lavender Oil Chinese

Lavender Oil Russian

Lavender Oil E European*

Lavender Oil Bulgarian*

Lavender Oil Spike*

Lemon Myrtle Oil*

Lemon Oil *

Lemon Oil Pesticide Free*

Lemon Oil Decolorized*

Lemongrass Oil*

LimeOil Cold Pressed*

Lime Oil Distilled

Litsea Cubeba Oil*

Lovage Oil

Mandarin Oil Green*

Mandarin Oil Red*

Mandarin Oil Yellow*

Manuka Oil

Marjoram Oil Spanish*

Marjoram Oil Sweet*

Marula Oil

Mastic Oil

Melissa Oil*

Melissa Oil Blended

Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen N.I)

MicheliaAlba Flower Oil

Michelia Alba Leaf Oil

Milfoil (Yarrow) Oil

Mugwort Oil

Myrrh Oil

Myrtle Oil Spanish

Neroli Oil Natural*

Neroli Oil Blend/ “Light”

Nerolina Oil

Niaouli Oil*

Nutmeg Oil*

Oleoresin Capsicum

Orange Oil 5 Fold

Orange Oil Bitter*

Orange Oil Blood*

Orange Oil Sweet*

Orange Terpenes

Origanum Oil*

Palmarosa Oil*

Parsley Seed Oil*

Patchouli Oil Dark*

Patchouli Oil Light*

Pennyroyal Oil

Peppermint Oil Arvensis*

Peppermint Oil Piperita*

Peppermint Oil US types

Peppermint Oil Mitcham Type*

Petitgrain Oil*

Pimentoberry Oil

Pine Needle Oil*

Pine Oil Pumilionis

Pine Oil Sylvestris

Plai Oil

Ravansara Oil Aromatica*

Rhododendron (Anthopogon) Oil

Rosalina Oil

Rose Geranium Oil*

Rose Oil BPC Commercial

Rose Oil East European

Rose Otto Bulgarian*

Rosemary Oil Spanish*

Rosemary Oil Tunisian*

Rosemary Oil Verbenone*

Rosewood Oil Brazilian

Rosewood Oil Indian

Sage Oil Spain*

Sage Oil Dalmatian*

Sandalwood Oil New Caladonian

Sandalwood Oil Australian*

Sandalwood Oil Indian

Spearmint Oil*

Spikenard Oil

Spruce Oil

Strawberry Gum Oil

Tagettes Oil

Tangerine Oil*

Tansy Oil Blue

Tarragon Oil

Tea Tree Oil Australian*

Tea Tree Oil African*

Tea Tree Oil Chinese

Thuya Leaf Oil

Thyme Oil Lemon

Thyme Oil Sweet ct.Linalool*

Thyme Oil Red*

Thyme Oil White*

Thyme Oil Serphyllum (Wild)

Turmeric Oil

Turpentine Oil

Valerian Root Oil

Verbena Oil Spanish (So Called)

Verbena Oil Pure Moroccan

Vetivert Oil*

Wine Fusel Oil

Wintergreen Oil N.I

Wintergreen Oil Natural*

Zdrave Oil

Wormwood Oil

Yarrow Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil Extra*

Ylang Ylang Oil No 1*

Ylang Ylang Oil No II*

Ylang Ylang Oil No III*

Ylang Ylang Oil Complete*

Zanthoxyllum Oil

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